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Luisa's Story

Luisa's Story

Mom Son Water

This is a story written by a 20-year-old mom from Clark County about her difficult relationship with the father of her sons. 

Luisa's Story

I am a 20-year-old single mother of two beautiful sons. I have learned a lot from all my mistakes while I was pregnant and after I had my babies. By the time I was in 9th grade I didn’t care about school or anything. I just wanted to have fun, hang out with friends, and try to get away from my parents. The reason why I didn’t put effort in school was because my dad was very strict to the point that I couldn’t hang out with friends or even talk on the phone. Because of my problems with my dad I moved around with my aunt four times between 9th and 11th grade.

In 11th grade I met my baby’s daddy and fell in love with him. I dropped out of school because he said there was no need of going to school because he was going to be supporting me all his life. I dropped out, and moved in with him.

The first time I got pregnant it was planned. I was happy with my life because I was in love and pregnant. He was going to work and I was staying at home as a house wife, which I didn’t mind at all for the first few months.

After 2 months things started getting out of control. He started drinking every night with his friends at home. I would get mad and start fighting with him, and it got to the point where he started beating me up while pregnant when he was drinking.

He did it once and I forgave him. He did twice and I left him and moved back with my family.

I gave birth to my beautiful son then got back together with my baby’s daddy two weeks later and went with him to live with his family. Everything was great for the few first months. After that he started drinking again and would leave me alone with our baby, not caring about him. He would get home drunk, not caring about my feelings or the baby. I would cry and regret getting back with him, moving in with him, dropping out of school, and leaving my family and my dreams behind. I felt alone, depressed, and stressed out. I didn’t want to live any more. I felt trapped, sometimes not caring about my baby or myself. I just wanted to sleep and not eat at all.

After about four months I got pregnant again. I moved back with my mom when I was 7 months pregnant. When I gave birth to my 2nd baby boy I felt great, happy, and thanked God for letting me be a mother for a 2nd time. A month after I had my baby my family moved to a new town and I started getting information about schools that would help me with daycare and to graduate, even though I didn’t have many credits.

I was so lucky to find a school because I enrolled … and here I am back in school passing my classes and looking forward to a good and successful future for my kids and myself.

As a single mother I give advice to all those girls out there …

Never leave your dreams, goals, hobbies, school, family, and friends behind for a guy that is not worth it in the end. Someone that really loves you will help you achieve your dreams and will look out for your future and want you to succeed in life.