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Your Future

Your Future

Your Future

What are your goals in life? In this section learn about planning your education, career, and making a plan for how big a family you want. Read this story first, then check out the sub-pages and resources on the right.
This is a story written by an 18-year-old dad from Clark County about adjusting to an unplanned pregnancy, the support he’s received, and his plans for the future.

Ruben's Story

When my girlfriend called to tell me she was pregnant I felt devastated. I felt fear like I’ve never felt before. I thought of my future and everything I was not going to be able to do. Then the thought of leaving came to mind, but then I thought again and decided I was not going to bring a child into this world and not take care of him/her. So I told my girlfriend that it was okay, we’ll try our best together to take care of the baby.

It took a while for me to tell my dad about it. But I told my mom right away. She cried and had a big headache, but after a few days she told me to try my best in school and make sure to do whatever it takes to care for my child. This meant a lot to me, for my mom to tell me something so touching and true I decided to do it. My dad did not take it as smooth as my mom, but he came along with the thought of me being a daddy. I thank them for their support, because without people helping you with these kinds of situations, I think I would be lost.

After telling my parents, I started my plan to be not just a good father to my son but a magnificent one.

My plans to accomplish this goal were love my girlfriend, sign up for GRADS at school, and graduate high school. So I tried my best my first semester of my senior year to be on track for graduation, and I am now. I also applied for a college in Portland. When I graduate I will go straight in and start college. When I went to the college I signed up for law enforcement and criminal justice as my majors.

And now I’m in this great class called GRADS. This class has helped me a lot so far. The new things that I learn every day give me joy and happiness because I know I’m getting closer to becoming the father I wish to be for my baby boy. If you were to ask me the question, “What makes you happy?” I would answer “My baby boy.” I know he’s not born yet, but I’ve got it all set up. I’m naming him after my grandfather. Even though I’m a young father I’m glad that GRADS is here to help me be a better father and role model to my son in the future.