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What to Expect When You Call Us

What to Expect When You Call Us

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What to Expect When You Call Our Hotline

Our hotline is here for you. When you call our hotline, you can expect to talk to a friendly, local, and knowledgeable staff member. Our team is here to help you understand and apply for a variety of pregnancy, food, and health resources in Washington State, including:

  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program)
  • Basic Food (Food Stamps)
  • Health insurance for children, teens, and pregnant women
  • Birth control through the Take Charge Program
  • Health and family planning clinics
  • Pregnancy and baby supplies
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Food banks
  • and much more ...
Call our hotline at 1-800-322-2588.
We’re here to answer your questions!

Do I Need My Parents’ Permission to Call the Hotline?

No. You do not need your parents’ permission and your call will be confidential.

We're friendly and easy to reach in English and Spanish

We Can Help You Get the Help You Need

  • Our team is supportive and nonjudgmental. We want to help, no matter your situation.
  • Our staff are bilingual and speak Spanish and English fluently.
  • We can help even if you speak another language, using interpreters.
  • There’s no time limit. We can talk as long as you like to connect you to the services you need.
  • We can help you start applications for different programs over the phone, or provide you with information and a quick referral—it’s up to you!
We’re available Monday–Thursday 8:00–5:30 and Friday 8:00–5:00.