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Community Resources for Professionals Working With Teen Parents

Community Resources for Professionals Working With Teen Parents

Sharing Resources

WithinReach has had the pleasure of partnering with a number of agencies around Washington State as part of the Washington State Department of Health’s, Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Women Grant.

These resources were compiled by our grant partners, but others who work with teen parents will also find them helpful. 

Community Resource Lists

If you work with pregnant and parenting teens, the following resource lists can be a big help. They are easily printed to share with a teen or you may use them for quick reference.

Many of these resources are in our Resource Finder search tool but having an individual list for your county can help you find teen specific resources quickly. 

GRADS Teachers Connect

WithinReach created a private website for GRADS teachers across the state, Washington GRADS Connect. On this site, teachers can share documents with each other, and discuss their work on a private discussion board. Under the teacher’s guidance, students in GRADS classes can also share pictures, collaborate on activities and have discussions to strengthen their sense of community. 

Get Set Up!

If you are a GRADS teacher and want to use the site follow these simple steps. We are here to help, contact us with any questions.

  1. Create a gmail account here.
  2. Send your new gmail address to creaghm(at)withinreachwa.org. You will be added to the list of users on the site.
  3. When you receive your official invitation email in your new gmail account, follow the instructions to log onto Washington GRADS Connect.